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About Our Company

Zeppa's Landscaping Service, LLC is family owned and operated by Antonio and Andre Zeppa. For over a decade our company has been providing quality, outstanding lawn service and landscape maintenance solutions to residents and businesses of Oldham County and Louisville Metro areas.

We specialize in residential and commercial lawn and landscaping services with a philosophy of providing our customers with reliable, high quality service and beautiful landscapes.

The Zeppa’s Story

Brothers Antonio and Andre formed Zeppa’s in 2005, when they were just boys cutting grass and landscaping as a way to help out family and friends around the neighborhood in Prospect, Kentucky. The brothers worked part-time landscaping gigs while each earned his college degree; Antonio has a degree in Business Marketing from Indiana University and Andre holds a degree also from IU in Environmental and Human Geo Science. Only having one another for support, the pair went from using a residential tractor, hand blower, trimmer, and a few gardening tools… to the high-end, commercial grade equipment you see them using today.

The business began with mowing lawns, but they soon added landscaping which was crucial for drumming up more business. As the business began to expand, so did the services Zeppa’s provided. Adding irrigation, landscape lighting, hardscapes, fertilization and weed control, snow management, Christmas lighting, lawn renovations, grading and trenching, and major installs helped grow business and distinguish Zeppa’s from similar companies in the Louisville area.

As the business continues to thrive, Antonio and Andre have managed to recruit individuals with industry expertise and also provide them with next-level education and hands-on training. This helps develop veteran employees and ensure retention for their less experienced staff members. Ultimately, proper work procedures in the day-to-day field operations guarantees steady and consistent quality from Zeppa’s and their employees for years to come.

Zeppa's Going Green Mission

As part of our dedication to the environment we always want to make sure we are doing our part in preserving our planet. We use eco-friendly landscape products and techniques as part of our service.